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internal identity/ crisis

who am I? ...what makes me who I am? ...can it change? will it? I a good person? I good enough? who's standard? compared to the artsy bubble girl I viewed as a role model when I was nine, I'm not nearly enthusiastic or outgoing enough. compared to the pretty girl I… Continue reading internal identity/ crisis

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when too much yogurt

  Italian Yogurt Cake (made with strawberry 0% greek yogurt and topped with powdered sugar) ...created, because I had too much greek yogurt in my house to eat by myself, and I was afraid it was going to expire soon.   Ingredients: 1 cup any flavour yogurt** (I find flavoured regular yogurt to be the best )… Continue reading when too much yogurt

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I almost got into an accident this afternoon. And I feel so guilty, but I used to stop fearing horror movies and disasters because I used to stop fearing death, so this terrible feeling means I’m getting better right? it means I can still feel something again (though I am also numb because of it).… Continue reading trama

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bunnies & eggs don’t go together

Good Morning to a new month, it's April everybody! (special shoutout if you were named after a month, I went to school with a girl named like that because of her birthday) I actually did a lot this long weekend. I went grocery shopping with a couple friends to bake cupcakes for Good Friday. We… Continue reading bunnies & eggs don’t go together

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it’s okay, i still love you.

I've never been naive enough to believe that I was in love. Love is such a strong and intense word that I avoid using it at all. I even rarely say the full three words to my parents and siblings-- shortening the phrase to a softer "love you" rather than saying "I". The last time,… Continue reading it’s okay, i still love you.

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My Week in Review…?

Hello old friends, September means school has started up again. I've purchased my first laptop, everyday this month has been hectic so far, and OCTOBER-- the month when literally everything in my life happens at once-- is right around the corner (kind of). I've been thinking of starting a series where I summarize the events… Continue reading My Week in Review…?