My Week in Review…?

Hello old friends,

September means school has started up again.

I’ve purchased my first laptop, everyday this month has been hectic so far, and OCTOBER– the month when literally everything in my life happens at once– is right around the corner (kind of).

I’ve been thinking of starting a series where I summarize the events of my week, just to keep updated. I’ve been so busy I can barely tell the days apart.

I’ve noticed a few eyes lurking about lately… and yes I know it has been a little while since I’ve been active, but I’d just like to give a warm welcome *round of applause* please feel welcome to comment or whatever it is you’d like, and feel free to join the conversation that is my monologue.

Let’s Chat,




p.s.- my theme is currently under construction, I definitely need to do some work aesthetically. for sure.

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