A letter of honesty


Hi, how’ve you been…?

Look I know I’ve been avoiding your messages, and you, but I can explain. Please don’t hate me.

I think we should break up.

Ok so yes, I know that we’re not dating, but I’m just not ready for this kind of commitment. In turn for helping you with your best friend/ crush complications I didn’t expect to become your new best friend. Really, as great as that sounds, I’m just not ready for it. You’re moving too fast! (also I don’t really want the job positions, so I’m going to have to refuse your generous offer. )

As a loser, I’m not used to all this responsibility of constantly being in contact and hanging out. You’ve grown too comfortable too fast, and as much as I enjoy your occasional company, I’ve accidentally shared too many personal details out of awkwardness to really want to see your face again… I’m kidding, but I have considered an assassin since you know too much now. (at least for my own peace of mind) Surprisingly I get annoyed and sick of people’s company if I hang around them too much, kinda like what you’re doing now, and need a break from social interaction to recharge. You understand right?

So let’s just take some time off, and see where this lands us (yes I’m aware that this still sounds like a cheesy breakup line)

do I feel like an awful person for doing this (wanting to avoid and or permanently get rid of you) to you? The answer is a Yes. I still want to be friends, but just friends. Is that okay? not sure? I’ll give you time to think about it. don’t worry I’ll probably have un-muted your contact by then 🙂



this is a joke… kinda. sorta. …okay not entirely. haha 🙂




P.S. (I may be in a current situation where I feel this way, but I though putting a funny spin on it would help clear my head and make me feel better… and it worked!! Thanks as always for reading and I hope this made you at least smile if not chuckle. :))