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13 Reasons Why not


So a little while ago I finished watching the new 13 Reasons Why series (along with the rest of North American adolescents) and, despite my first reaction when I heard they were going to make a tv show based on the book, the show wasn’t half bad.

I think  that suicide is definitely a serious topic to be considered and discussed.

Although I’ve noticed quite a bit of controversy about the messages conveyed throughout the series, but I like the way that they didn’t try to avoid or brush off the more serious themes. Despite the change in plot from paperback to television (the whole lawsuit aspect was a mistake in my opinion), and constant concern from schools–elementary to secondary level, which was actually really shocking I mean what 11 year old should be watching this show?! At least I really hope none have scarred their innocence by trying to grow up too fast, watching a program far beyond their understanding and age-recommendation. But aside from all that, I think 13 Reasons Why was a very captivating and thrilling book to read (I finished it all in one sitting) and I think I’m safe to say the same applies to the tv adaptation. It was definitely a game changer that there is a set amount of episodes, instead of twisting the story in order to fill multiple seasons which would have probably ended in disaster with many angry fans and even more media complaints.

Moving on to the topic of the show/book, suicide. This is a topic, although not completely within my realm of experience and understanding to that degree, but still dear to the soft spot in my heart. As a person with many years left to my life expectancy, the idea of young/early death and the causes or circumstances leading to this decision is…sad. I can empathize with the thoughts and situations where someone might feel that it is the only choice, or the only thing they think they can do. And the reasons they feel this way breaks my heart. Get one thing straight, there is always an option. Always. Never doubt that for a minute. I have thought those thoughts you are thinking, I have felt those feelings that there is no other escape….that you no longer want to be alive. Maybe not to the same degree or in the same way, but I think we’ve all been there at one point or another. It is truly awful. Your life is the only one we get, as far as we can prove. So although you may not cherish or appreciate is as much as you should, someone out there does, hopefully one day you will too. I love you. It is simple, but I think that’s what we all really want in life; to be loved.

So if you are or ever have considered suicide, or know someone that has, don’t. It’s that easy–not to live, because that was the part that shattered you to pieces and the decision to die, but to stay. Stay for a minute and just do nothing– which is all you have to do: to not break your loved ones’ hearts beyond repair, to not scar every life you’ve ever touched, to not drive others to follow you, or to not leave a gaping hole in this world that exists without you.

I believe in the saying that everything happens for a reason, these burdens you carry will  build you up and make you stronger, and these worries and troubles you are facing will eventually lead to a better version of yourself than you could ever possibly imagine. I promise that if you stay long enough, you will find moments that you are glad you stuck around to experience what is to come, you will learn to regret the idea of suicide. And I think that is the best part. So here are 13 Reasons Why not to commit suicide–but after reading all of this, I’d hope I don’t have to convince you.

  1. You are loved– you may not see it or feel it, but it’s true.
  2. You will be missed– by anyone who has ever learned your name or seen your face, no matter how close they were to you.
  3. Nothing is forever– nothing lasts forever, including everything that drove you to death. Including your precious, precious life.
  4. There are so many things left to do– there is a whole world out there, and I can guarantee you that there are countless things you have yet to discover and experience. It’s worth it.
  5. Your purpose is not complete– you were put on this earth for a reason, and all be damned if you leave before your job is done.
  6. It’s selfish– I’m going to say it, and I’m going to say it again. Suicide is a selfish decision, your choice will leave a permanent scar on everyone and anyone you leave behind, despite how you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.
  7. It hurts– most will be so shocked, and you will leave behind questions that can never be answered, and those searching will never give them up.
  8. One person’s trash is another’s treasure– As humans our favourite things are the ones that are the newest, so of course ourselves will be our least favourite thing as it is the oldest thing we have. you can’t see yourself clearly, trust me.
  9. Your favourite book/movie/tv show/person/food etc. could be in the process of being made right now, but you’d never know…
  10. There are endless roads your life could take, nothing is set in stone. So don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunities you will have.
  11. It’s always darkest before the dawn.
  12. Cats. …honestly if you go watch funny cat videos on the internet you will feel at least slightly better.
  13. You are a survivor, never doubt that.


I definitely recommend.