Intro, the amzette


Welcome to the amzette (a cross between my name and “gazette”). This is my very first blog post, and hopefully won’t be my last. This is a blog for my “penny thoughts”– or I guess “nickel” since pennies aren’t a thing anymore.

This is going to be my safe space, to hold my thoughts when I desperately need to share them with the world, or when I am not strong enough to hold onto them myself. Or if I just want to reflect and write about the millions of moments in my life (including the many awkward and clumsy interactions I experience on a day-to-day basis).

Just as a warning: This blog will mostly consist of one-shots and pointlessness. Writing entirely original and creative,  thank you very much.

For years I’ve tried to keep a journal of any kind, promising myself to consistently write in it everyday– only to break that promise within a few days. And eventually when I rediscovered the one or two entries I had managed to record in the crisp, clearly unused notebook, I’d immediately feel so embarrassed at my childish and (now) petty thoughts that I’d tear the pages from the book and hide them in the bottom of the trash can; or if I was lucky, stuff them in the back of my closet to find again later, and learn to appreciate the humour of it all and decide to keep.  Whenever I had forcibly been able to write down my daily thoughts–for  special vacations or over-night summer camps– it was always a struggle, and more of a chore than I imagined.

So now we’re here. If you actually read through all of that I thank you very much, it is a rarety that anyone reads anything anymore and the fact that you chose to read through my rambles and irrelevant life antics either means that you are a whole hearted classy human being, related to me, or are just really bored and have somehow stumbled across this page. If the latter is the case, then I suggest you get a hobby or something better to do with your time.

I was told that creating a blog might be a good idea, so I guess we’ll see. This way I physically can’t destroy this whole idea (no matter how much I might regret and really wish to later) and the rest of the world– or the 2 people that might witness this train wreck– can cringe along with me. I hope this blog can accomplish to improve my writing skill; maybe even inspire some to make this world a less shitty place be, or add a new perspective at least to your life.

So welcome to this train ride/wreck of a blog; sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as I halfheartedly try my best not to break anything. At least it will be fun. 


-amz (2017)